Christmas 2011

Phil and I agreed this year that we would get each other gifts with a price limit of $10.  I found him a Star Trek ‘red shirt’ on sale for $9.99 and was quite proud of myself.  Not only does he like Star Trek, but I figured he could use a super easy Halloween outfit for next year as well.

Phil’s gift to me was a complete shock.  He told me I had to open it at the dinner table while we were all eating for Christmas together.  This kept me guessing as to what on earth this gift could possibly be.  Well… here it is!

After the initial shock and laugh at my gift, I read the description out loud for everyone.  “Giant Toasted Ants are one of the largest species of ant to be found in the world. They are harvested in Colombia by the Guane Indians, during the short rainy season between March and June. They are then toasted in a mud pot over an open fire. The Guane Indians believe that these ants have youth giving and aphrodisiac properties. Giant Toasted Ants taste similar to crispy bacon with an added earthy spicy kick. The perfect party snack!” Then after passing around the tin of ants and giving everyone a quick look, I pulled on of the ants out, worked up my nerve, then popped it into my mouth.  Besides the sick feeling of knowing exactly what I was consuming, the flavor really wasn’t that bad.  Though I have to say I would not compare these toasted ants to bacon like, the packaging does.

I know I will remember this Christmas for a very long time to come.  Thanks husband!

First Semester In Radiography

I have been really busy lately with school so I haven’t checked on my website in quite some time.  The good news is that I really love it so far.  With constant studying I managed to get all A’s for this first semester, and I have to say I really enjoy clinic rotations.  My first rotation was at the Gainesville, FL VA hospital.  All of the patients their are very respectful and nice.  Ok… maybe not all, but most of them for sure.  I also find it very amusing that the old male patients tent to hit on anything and everything female within the hospital.  I’ve been told our older female patients are just as bad about flirting with male doctors.  It always makes my day more interesting to say the least, and I think if you’ve made it to 70 years or older you have a right to speak your mind, even if the mind you are speaking may be a bit out of line.  Life just wouldn’t be as much fun if everyone did things the way they are expected to do them.

Since August I have taken, or have helped with, more general radiographs than I can count (even though I really have been keeping count of each and every one of them…), I’ve accidently taken an x-ray of a doctors hand during surgery, I’ve been stuck with techs I don’t like and techs I think are fantastic, I’ve prep’d patients for barium studies and invasive procedures, and most exciting to me for some strange reason, I’ve been allowed to setup sterile fields.  Everything so far has been new and exciting.  Hopefully if I keep an open mind I can continue to approach every day with exciting for whatever might be coming next.  Also as a tip for anyone that may be going through a medical program like mine, don’t say bad things about your teachers or director while on rotation at a hospital, because it WILL get back to them.  The last thing you want to do it get on your directors bad side.  Think about these kind of programs as an extended job interview.  Those bad things you say may not have an immediate impact on your education, but it will have an impact when you graduate from the program and are trying to get a job.  I myself having been gossiping about our student faculty, but I’ve seen others doing it and I’m wondering if I should pull them aside and tell them to try not to say such things.

Oh another note, lots of people ask me what the most memorable hospital experiences have been so far.  Of course I can’t say anything specific because that would be breaking HIPAA regulation, but I can tell you that broken limbs are stomach churning.  It’s difficult to keep your composure when someone’s foot is facing the wrong way or a bone is sticking out, and I haven’t even been on a trauma rotation yet.  I’ll have to remember to eat breakfast once I do start trauma or surgery so I don’t faint.  Though I have already invested in good shoes and better insoles so I can stand for long hours every day without too much strain on my back.

The Springs

Phil and I had a surprise day off yesterday, so Richard invited us to go out somewhere with him and Susan where the dogs could swim.  We weren’t sure what would be the best place.  There was talk of taking them to my dad’s property that’s on the Santa Fe River, but it’s very tick infested.  You can’t really take dogs to public strings, and the springs you can take them too are generally really crowed which isn’t as much fun.  However some family friends of ours have property with a private spring on the Suwannee River, and after asking them we were able to get permission and keys.  The day is set and off we go.

I was given the job of finding our lunch/breakfast spot on the drive there.  After a little searching I found a cool little place in High Springs called “The Mad Hatter’s Café.”  If you are in the area and like to eat at local joints that make great home cooked style meals, I would recommend it.  The atmosphere is fun and the food is great.  It’s hard to miss this bright blue house when you are driving by.

We had a wonderful time swimming in the cold spring water, then switching over to the warmer temp of the river and back again.  Swimming against the current of the river was the perfect workout, and those of us that were brave enough jumped in to the river using the rope swing.  I wasn’t one of the brave at heart.  There was this awesome little spot where the spring water trickled over the rocks into the river, which Phil named the fountain of youth.  The temperature difference was so socking in this spot that we challenged each other to swim up and touch the water fall.

The dogs had a blast running around the property.  Tika has never gone swimming before but she took to it quite naturally.  Of course we would have to walk her to the deep end and have someone on the other side of the spring calling her, but she swam across with wonderful strong kicks.  I’m so proud of my puppy.  Our friend dog Scout also got a lesson in swimming and improved from a vertical doggy style kick to a swift strong kick across the spring.  Meanwhile our other two dog friends avoided the water at all costs.  Seth ran circles around the spring trying to stay as close to us as possible at all times, while Joey could stay as far from the water as possible while still keeping all of his people in sight.

Thank you Richard and Susan for a wonderful day at the springs!

Friends Dinner

So this is my only day off this week and Kelly had the night open as well.  She decided last night she might want to have a friends dinner, and only this morning we started inviting people over for dinner.  Oh how I love last minute planning… though I really don’t do things any other way 🙂  About half the people we invited had plans already and couldn’t make it, the other half said yes, so now we have to come up with something for dinner.  Good thing I was planning on going food shopping today anyway.

We decided to go with quick and easy, make yourself, pitas.  It was supposed to be easy… but of course I had to make a slow cooked chicken so I could make chicken and rice with the left overs.  Well, by the time we actually went shopping and got home with everything unpacked, I didn’t even have the 4 hours needed to slow cook the chicken.  I’ve never roasted chicken before… There is always a first time for everything.  Will random string we have around the house work to tie the chickens legs together?  Should I have picked up veggies to roast with the chicken?  Oh well, here goes.  Might as well play with the convection settings on our oven while we are trying out new things.

Wish me luck. 🙂

Hard Day at Work

I’ve always had respect for people with hard dirty jobs, but now I have even more.  I recently started a part time summer job working with student maid.  I liked that is wasn’t a desk job and that I would get my workout while I’m working.  Though after a day like today… I’m crazy exhausted after work.

It’s also really amazing how nasty people will let things get.  I scrubbed the inside of an oven today 3 times and it still wasn’t as clean as I would have liked.  The fridge… I wouldn’t put my food in there.  I have a feeling I will be amazed every day that I work for some reason.

Now it’s time to sit down and relax for the rest of the day.  Maybe finish updating the rest of my website.

Day of Play

Well this is my first time playing with any sort of blog software.  I’ve picked a theme and I’m so far still a bit confused as to what I should be doing… at least with this site.  Though I do know I’m supposed to be getting ready for a dinner party for which I’m supposed to make something.


Ack!  I only have an hour…

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