Phil and I had a fun weekend in Atlanta, GA.  We decided last minute to drive there Friday night so we could see the Bodies Exhibition on Saturday.  It’s a five to six hour drive from Gainesville and I don’t think we left home until about 6:30.  Regardless we started off Friday night and decided to just see how far we could get before pulling off the interstate and finding a hotel for the night.  We also stopped right away in High Springs to try a BBQ place that we had a Groupon for.  The Restaurant was called Gator BBQ and they had over 10 different home made sauces, though the 3 we tried were all a little disappointing.

After eating we started the long drive to Atlanta, listening to our audio book (one in the Wheel of Time series) the entire way.  Around 11pm we pulled off and got the last room in a Super 8 motel.  Apparently we stopped at just the right time… not an hour after getting settled a really bed storm came through.  The storm lasted all night long and had already killed 36 people.  Though by the time it hit GA it was much weaker and only killed one lady that decided to hide in a storm drain.  Just as the rain stopped, at about 8am, we checked out of the hotel, ate at Waffle House, and drove the last hour and a half to Atlanta.

We got out of the car not realizing it was going to be so cold.  Being silly Floridians we were dressed for summer and the storm that came through had left it at around 60 degrees outside with a nice cold wind.  Our first order of business, suck up our pride and buy some jackets.  Phil found a nice soft brown hoodie at Old Navy, and I was able to get over 50% off a coat at the Gap.  While standing in line to buy our Bodies Exhibit tickets we were very thankful we bought the jackets.  The line was only about a 20 or 30 minute wait, but when it’s cold, overcast, and windy, that would have been miserable in just t-shirt and shorts.

The exhibit was amazing.  My favorite displays were seeing all the vessels in the lungs and the cross sections of the entire human body.  Phil also really loved the nervous system display.  It’s really amazing how all these bodies were preserved.  I really think that anyone going into a medical field should goto a Bodies Exhibit.  Not only is it educational, but it really gives you an appreciation for how awesome and complex our bodies really are.