Lead X-ray Markers

I’ve been playing around with making custom lead x-ray markers lately.  One of the guys in my class just decided to try making them and did a great job.  The class was so excited about his markers that we thought it would be a great fund raising opportunity to sell them.  Though he got a little overwhelmed once everyone started asking him to make them a pair of markers, so I offered to take over making them.

I’ve got the basic concept down, but I just keep messing up the mixture.  It seems like every other time the epoxy mix just doesn’t set right even though I’m pretty sure I measured it correctly…  If anyone has suggestions for an easier clear epoxy let me know.  All these screw ups on my part have meant that so far we have no broken a profit to give to the class.  It’s a bit frustrating, but hopefully I’ll get the process to a science soon.

One afternoon I tried to melt down one of my gooey marker sets to get the lead letters back out so I could remake the set.  The experiment was quite a fantastic failure!  However during this failed, chemical fire, experiment in the back yard, I discovered that lead has a rather low melting point.  This of course gave me another great idea.  HA!  So a few days later I tried this next great idea to melt down some of the letters I didn’t need and recreate some of the letters I did need.  Well I was able to melt down letters pretty easy by just holding aluminum foil with the lead over a candle.  The lead melted down really quick actually.  When I tried to poor this nice little pool of melted lead into the molds I have made for my set of letters it didn’t work out so well.  It was such a small pool of lead that it cooled down almost instantly.  So now I’m down another set of letters and still no marker set.  Needless to say I gave up and ordered some more unmounted lead letters and paid way too much shipping for what was ordered (at least in my opinion).  So yeah, if you have any suggestions about where I can buy lead letters for low cost let me know.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in buying a set of markers our class is selling them for just $8 for the set, in any color glitter your heart desires.  We can make your markers in circle or normal rectangle.  I can also make skull shaped markers but those will cost you a little extra because they use more epoxy material.  They have been tested in clinic and work great once I get the mixture right.  Here is a picture of the set I made for myself.